Imagine 40 to 50 super smart and creative minds in one room, all working to bring your idea to life.

That’s what Creative Catapult is all about- in person¬†crowdsourced solutions to complex, multi-stakeholder, multi-dimensional challenges for creative organizations and community-impact projects.

Applicants for Creative Catapult must have:

  • Stated vision and objective
  • Some preliminary groundwork/research
  • Preliminary list of key stakeholders
  • Preliminary estimates about project/community impact

Accepted Applicants receive:

  • One half-day (4 hours) highly focused, collaborative, facilitated workshop to help effectively accelerate the project timeline
  • Curated participant base (key stakeholders, as well as invited guests with experience and know-how related to challenge at hand)
  • Fully customized design and facilitation of the workshop, including prep-work and post-work to document event output and next steps

All workshops happen at Eastworks in Easthampton, MA.

Click HERE to apply for our Fall 2016 Pilot program.

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