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Interested in renting space for meetings or events?

Please read our FAQs below first, then fill out our rental application form here.

What type of space do you have available for my group to meet in?

We have two conference rooms that can be booked anytime for meetings or workshops. You can also book our Library/Screening Room or the whole space on weekday evenings or weekends for larger groups.

How much does it cost to use your space for classes/workshops/events?

Weekday 9-5pm: $100*
Weekday 6-9pm (2-3 hours): $65
Weekend (day rate): $125

Weekday 9-5pm: $100*
Weekday 6-9pm (2-3 hours): $65
Weekend (day rate): $125

Weekday 9-5pm: Not available
Weekday 6-9pm (2-3 hours): $65
Weekend (day rate): $125

Weekday 9-5pm: Not available
Weekday 6-9pm (2-3 hours): $125
Weekend (day rate): $275

*** If you’re charging participants, we request 10% of your total fees if you make $250 or more.
For example, if you book the Community Room on a week night for an event with 20 participants paying $15 each, your total fees received are $300. You would pay Co.Lab $50 (space rental) + $30.00 = $80.00. You take home $220.00.

*** Additional time: $35/hour

How long do classes/workshops usually last?

You should plan on two hours from start to finish with a maximum of 30 minutes of set-up before and after: 7:00–9:00 for a workshop include setting up and closing up (and getting people out of the space on time). Any additional time after the end of your workshop will be charged in half-hour increments.

What time can I access the space before the workshop starts?

A maximum of 45 minutes before your start time. We may be able to arrange additional time for for you to set up depending on our schedule.

How many people fit in the space?

  • Community Room: up to 15
  • Conference Room: up to 10
  • Library: up to 25
  • Whole space: up to 75

That doesn’t seem big enough. Do you have any other suggestions of spaces to rent near you?

Contact Eastworks. They have a few event spaces on the first floor. Or you can visit Mass Spacefinder for a list of available spaces in our area.

What days and evenings can I rent the space?

– Community Room and Conference Room are available weekday and weekends from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM (see above).

– Library/Screening Room and Whole space are available weekdays 6:00-9:00 PM and weekends from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM (see above).

Is the space soundproof?


Do you have wifi?


Do you provide computers / projectors / A/V equipment?

No. Presenters should provide their own projector, speakers, computer, or laptop. We have a large white wall in the library for projecting film and presentations.

What else do you provide as part of the rental?

Access to kitchen (toaster oven, microwave, fridge, running water, kettle). Access to wifi, whiteboards, and markers.

I run a workshop in Northampton/Florence as well. Is Easthampton too close? Will people show up?

We suggest running a poll and doing some market research to determine your target group’s level of interest.

Where is Co.Lab located?

Eastworks Building, Suite #301, 116 Pleasant Street, Easthampton MA 01027.

How do I find Co.Lab in the Eastworks building? It’s a maze in there!

Park in the East Lot of Eastworks. Enter under the white marquee. Take the elevator or stairs up to the 3rd floor. Walk to the second hallway on the left. Go down all the way to the end. Suite 301 is the last door on the right.

Is Co.Lab accessible on a bus line?

Yes. The R41 line stops right outside the Eastworks Building (schedule is sporadic).

Do you have pictures of the space?

Here’s some.

When can I take a tour?

We give tours by appointment and ONLY after the application to rent the space has been filled out.

Do I need insurance?

Our policy only covers the space and co-founders. None of the individual members, their guests, or non-members renting space for an event or workshop. We highly recommend you hold a liability policy to protect yourself and your guests.

Can I serve food and drink?

Food and non-alcoholic beverages are allowed. Alcoholic drinks are not allowed in the space. If you are found serving alcohol you will be asked to leave and banned from the space. Everything that comes with you, leaves with you. You are responsible for all clean up.

Do you help promote my event?

We will cross-post your event on our Facebook page, email list, and website. We are still growing, so our reach is limited. It’s best to have a solid marketing plan in place.

Can I sell tickets ahead of time?

Yes. You can do pre-sales and/or money at the door. You can use the ticketing system of your choice. Any related fees are your responsibility—you can take the percentage hit or roll it over to your participants.

What if there is a problem with one of my guests?

You are responsible for everyone who attends your event. If you make the event public on Facebook, you will not be in control of who shows up. You are responsible for dealing with them or preventing access to the space at your discretion. We’ve never had an issue of any kind, but we know that public events are, well, public and open. We reserve the right to refuse admission to our space at any time.

Is the space ADA compliant?

Yes, there is an elevator when you enter under the marquee, as well as ADA accessible doors.

Are there bathrooms near the space?

Yes. There are restrooms outside our space to the right (not ADA compliant, not unisex). There are ADA-compliant bathrooms down the hall.

Can I use the kitchen?

You’re welcome to use the kitchen for food and drink prep. Please bring all supplies (e.g. paper plates, cups, plasticware, etc.). Pack it in, pack it out. You must bring trash and recycling containers and take them with you when you leave.

Why was my class/workshop/event rejected?

We get a lot of rental requests at Co.Lab. We have limited time and resources and can’t host everything, even if it’s an amazing idea.


A non-refundable $50 deposit is required once an event has been approved by the Co.Lab Operations Team. If Renter cancels the engagement 16-30 days prior to the scheduled event, Renter agrees to pay the Easthampton Co.Lab 50% of fees. If Renter cancels the engagement 0-15 days prior to the scheduled event, Renter agrees to pay 100% of fees. Any postponement 15 days or less before the scheduled event will be treated as a cancellation (100% of fees) unless agreed to in writing with Easthampton Co.Lab.

Deposits on space rental are non-refundable.

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