What is Co.Lab?

Easthampton Co.Lab is a membership-based coworking space aimed at connecting, engaging, and enabling creative individuals and entrepreneurs. We operate as a social enterprise, creating value for the community through our members and through public events, workshops, and trainings.

What is the history of Co.Lab?

Easthampton Co.Lab was founded in June 2014 by Sita Magnuson and Seth Lepore. Both saw a need for a coworking space in the area and settled on Eastworks as the ideal location due to the physical benefits of the space, support from building ownership, and optimal setting. María José Giménez soon joined our weekly meetings and helped us paper the walls with ideas and concepts that became the building blocks of Co.Lab. We opened January 1, 2015.

Who are your members?

Members are freelancers, writers, local small business owners, and entrepreneurs with a variety of backgrounds and skill sets, ranging from technical to performing arts. Learn more about our members here.

Do you have pictures of the space?

Yup. Here’s some.

When can I take a tour?

We give tours during open hours or open houses and by appointment. It’s best to check our website or FB page for upcoming open hours and to sign up for our email list.

Do I need insurance?

Our policy covers the space and co-founders but none of the individual members, or their guests. The same goes for anyone renting or teaching in the space. It is highly suggested you hold a liability policy to protect yourself and your guests.

How much does it cost to join?

Members’ financial commitment ranges from $100/month to $240/month depending on the membership level they choose. All new members pay a $100 join fee for administrative costs. See detailed pricing tables here.

What do I get for joining?

You get access to a shared work area or shared office space, depending on the membership level you choose and availability. Membership includes high-speed internet, use of shared kitchen and library, and per-request use of conference rooms. The space is open 7:00 AM–10:00 PM. All members can also reserve the space for private and community events (subject to approval by Operations Team). You have the option to be listed on the Current Members page on our website.

Do you have wifi?


Do you provide computers / projectors / A/V equipment?


Do you offer private offices with secure access?

We have two premium, private offices with keyed access (currently unavailable) and two shared secured offices (currently one spot available, shared with two other coworkers).

Is your space soundproof? I talk on the phone all day/I’m a therapist looking for a private office/I’m looking for a recording studio.


At this time, we cannot accommodate members whose work requires constant phone use or privacy for confidential conversations in person, over the phone, or online.

Where is Co.Lab located?

Eastworks Building, Suite #301, 116 Pleasant Street, Easthampton MA 01027.

How do I find Co.Lab in the Eastworks building? It’s a maze in there!

Park in the East Lot of Eastworks. Enter under the white marquee. Take the elevator or stairs up to the 3rd floor. Walk to the second hallway on the left. Go down all the way to the end. Suite 301 is the last door on the right.

Is Co.Lab accessible on a bus line?

Yes. The R41 line stops right outside the Eastworks Building, but keep in mind the schedule is sporadic.

Who owns Co.Lab? Is this a profitable business?

Easthampton Co.Lab is a project of Mass Collaborative, LLC, which is owned and managed by María José, Seth, and Sita. After exploring various legal forms, we settled on an LLC because it offered us the most flexibility and least administrative burden. While Mass Collaborative is an LLC, the company operates as a social enterprise—all profits are reinvested back into space management, our workshop series, and operations.

We are member-run on a volunteer basis. There are (currently) no formal employees of the LLC, which is neither a for-profit business nor a non-profit organization. We are a self-sustaining organization driven by membership dues and programming fees. We welcome donations from supporters to cover operational costs and support our programming.


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