Connecting People, Place & Purpose


We’re a co-working, collaboration, and incubation space located in the Eastworks building in Easthampton, Massachusetts. Our intent is to connect people, place and purpose, all within the context of community.


We engage individuals and groups in collaborative and participatory processes to harness the power of creative intelligence. We believe that great (unexpected) things can happen when people are engaged and supported.


We hope to enable people to better understand the value of their ideas, experience, and skills within the context of community. We believe that by enabling people to define and grow into their full creative potential, we build resilience in our community and create energy for action.

Easthampton Co.Lab is a membership-based collaborative workspace aimed at connecting, engaging, and enabling creative individuals and entrepreneurs. We operate as a social enterprise, creating value for the community through our members and through public events, workshops, and trainings.

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